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Chad Bordwell is Senior Level Designer / Mission Scripter @ Ubisoft Toronto and has been in the game biz since 1997.




Just Testing a New FTP: Since I got my new PC I can't seem to get AceFTP to function anymore so trying something new. I guess if this appears online it worked.


New Blog Link: I've added a new link above to my blog. I've decided that the blog is so much faster to update than the main web page. So from now on all regualr updates will happen there. I'll save this page for bigger events. So if it looks dead around here just pop over to the blog. It should be fresher.


My Life in Warcraft: I decided to write up a short article about Blizzard's Warcraft and the experience the series gave me. I'm sure there are a million different stories out there but this one is mine. Check it out the article here.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is Out the Door: SC: Blacklist is out the door and has been on the shelves for some time. All the reviews are in and the Metacritic reviews have averaged out to 82 Xbox and 83 PS3. So not exactly what we were shooting for but then for every game you work on the goal is for a 90+ game. I'm sure I'm not allowed to write up a public post mortem but let me just say that Splinter Cell games are a niche market. They will never reach the reviews or sales of a Call of Duty or a GTA, it's just not that type of game. I think it was pretty good for what it was even through it sometimes strayed a bit far from it's expected game play. I'm pleased with the results.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist Press Demo Info: We've released more info about Blacklist and highlighted some game play from a few levels as well. There is a nice write up on Financial Post and I play through video below.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist Collector's Edition: So they've announced the Splinter Cell Collector's Edition which includes a freakin' R/C Plane!? No really it flies and everything.

Here it is in flight.



E3 Awards: Looks like Splinter Cell: Blacklist won a few awards and nominations at this year's E3. That's always a nice plus.


The Silence is Broken!: Finally my latest project Splinter Cell: Blacklist was announced on the E3 Microsoft stage. Just to be clear the game is not Xbox 360 exclusive, it will also be for PS3 and PC.

This is my first project at Ubisoft and the first project for Ubisoft Toronto as a studio. I was lucky enough to have been selected as the designer for the E3 reveal level and am very proud of the results. It represents a lot of hard work from a great team and I'm sure everyone will enjoy this next chapter in the Splinter Cell series.

I will post videos and information on the project as it is made available by Ubisoft.





New Position Accepted: It's official, I have accepted a Sr. Level Designer position at Ubisoft Toronto. This is the new studio that opened last year and is headed by Jade Raymond. The first title with be the next addition to the Splinter Cell series. Beyond that I can't say much other than it should be awesome. Splinter Cell: Conviction certainly was.

I start there in July so until then I plan on doing a huge self inflicted brush up course in Unreal Tech just to make sure I'm on my game. Not to mention the large amount of paperwork and passports it takes to leave the country. I can't believe the amount of time it takes to process passport requests, 4 weeks! Then there is the confusion of paying bill you have in the United States with Canadian money. But one all these wrinkles are smoothed out and I'm in Toronto I'm sure everything will fall in place and be awesome.






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